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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What Can I Feed The Worms?

The worms will eat both raw and cooked food and vegetable scraps from your kitchen. Coffee grinds, tea bags, dust from vacuum cleaners, crushed eggshells, shredded newspaper and soaked egg cartons can all be added. DO NOT add meat, dairy products or starchy foods such as bread, pasta or rice as these can attract vermin. While many experts advise not to add onions, citrus peel, spicy food or tomatoes as these are very acidic, small amounts can be added as long as they are well mixed in with other food. The key with any food you add is to shred or cut it up into bite sized pieces. In the words of Richard Thomas from Wormlovers who installed the worm farms, “To a worm, a whole apple is going to look like a skyscraper!”.

It is a misconception that worm farms smell. You may notice some small gnats or flies at times if you open the lid. These are not uncommon in the initial set up stage and will settle down with time. Addition of some shredded newspaper will assist to balance this, as will mixing the food scraps through the existing soil matter in the worm farm. If you notice any small flies or gnats feel free to contribute some shredded newspaper which will assist to create a balance in the worm farm.

+ How can I stop the possums eating my garden?

Possums are a protected species and part of life at City Gardens. If the right approach is taken we can definitely live in harmony with them. The most important thing to remember is to never feed possums, as human food can be dangerous to possums and cause serious dietary imbalance. Additionally, overfeeding possums can lead to overpopulation, aggressive behaviour, and can negatively impact the local environment such as overstripping of trees.

Here are some links to information about possums:

+ Where are meters located?

The electricity meters for the apartments are located in the basement car parks. There is also a power room and a substation looked after by Citipower located in the big car park under units A, B and C. There are meters behind a locked cage in car park for C block. Please contact The Knight for access to this.

Townhouse gas and water are located in each townhouse court area. Electricity metres are in a centralised location for each court.

+ Where can my agent place a sale board? Lease board?

Lease Boards are not permitted.

Sale boards are only to be placed at either end of Plane Tree Way NOT ATTACHED TO TREES, and removed within two weeks of sale by the owner, or will be removed by the OC committee at the Owners expense. Only Size 4ft x 6ft is permitted.

+ Where is visitor parking?

Limited visitor parking can be found in Plane Tree Way. Parking in front of the kindergarten is not permitted on weekdays.

2 hour, 4 hour and all day street parking is usually available around City Gardens. Read the signs carefully for time limits to avoid a fine.

+ What parking is available for residents?

Residents may have access to the carparks depending on their property title or lease agreement. Residents are eligible for street parking permits from the City of Melbourne website.

No parking is permitted on the laneway itself as this blocks access for other residents and emergency vehicles. Your vehicle may be removed.

+ How do I get a carpark swipe and/or key?

Owners: Please fill out the approprate form from the link below and send it to to to request the item. Payments can only be made via the unit levy. A refundable deposit of $100 must be paid for all security items. Fees are payable for all swipes and keys. These may vary, please confirm at the time of purchase.

Tenants: Ask your agent/landlord to follow the above procedure. The Knight cannot provide keys or swipes directly to tenants.

+ How do I go about installing air-conditioning?

+ Where can I find a map of the property?

You can download a map here.

+ What if my apartment needs maintenance?

Tenants: Please call your agent

Owners: Please call the office on 9509 3144.