Photographer: Jont

Moving In / Out

If you are new to City Gardens, welcome!

Moving in and out is fairly straight forward. There is no lift and the upper floors have 2 flights of stairs to get to them which tends not to please removalists so best to warn them.

Access to meters

The most complicated part is acquiring meter numbers for connecting your services. For A, B, C & D blocks these can be discovered by venturing into the carpark where the meters reside. Electricity meters are behind a locked gate, however gas and water meters can be readily found beneath your apartment (bring a torch). Contact The Knight Alliance for more information.

Hot water A, B, C & D blocks have shared hot water systems so you will need to connect your hot water to guarantee an uninterrupted supply.

Townhouse gas and water are located in each townhouse court area. Electricity metres are in a centralised location for each court.

Furniture and rubbish disposal

If you are a resident who is moving out please note it is an offence to illegally dump furniture or rubbish on the curb in City of Melbourne. This is a fineable offence. There are many alternatives to dumping unwanted items. For some helpful information on correctly disposing of, selling, donating or giving away unwanted items or rubbish, please visit the City of Melbourne website.

Please also note Hard Rubbish collections will be arranged periodically by management so keep an eye out for notices on each rubbish corral as to when the next one is booked.

Register your contact details

If you are a new owner please make sure you register your email details with The Knight Alliance to ensure you keep up to date with any important correspondence. If you have recently sold your lot please note you must inform The Knight Alliance of the change of ownership.

Getting to know your neighbours

If you are a new resident why not make yourself known to your next door neighbours. This is a benefit for security as it allows you to recognise familiar people in the building and you might feel comfortable to let them know if you are away to keep an eye on things for you. It also helps to minimise potential disputes between neighbours and to foster a friendly feeling around City Gardens, plus you might just strike up a friendship.