Newsletter - Spring 2015


Plane Tree Way - Photographer: Alice

Social Function

The City Gardens Owners Corporation is having a get together for residents and owners. It is an informal affair and a great opportunity to meet your neighbours.  The committee will be providing sausages and softdrinks.

Who:     Residents and owners of City Gardens apartments and townhouses
When:     3pm November 7th
Where:     Gardiner Reserve barbeques, Dryburgh St (at end of Plane Tree Way)

Recycling at City Gardens

New recycling bins and signage have been provided to residents with the aim of cutting back on wastage at City Gardens. Thanks to residents who have been making a big effort to put their waste in the appropriate bin. If you aren’t sure what’s appropriate take a look at the signage displayed in the rubbish corral nearest to you. Remember too that clothing bins for unwanted clothing are now available in ABC carpark, D carpark, and J Court rubbish corral, and free hard rubbish collections can be arranged by contacting Tony the Gardener onsite.

Worm Farms

The worm farms have proved very popular with residents and are helping to cut down on food waste in bins and to provide nutrient for the garden. Learn more at the Worm Farm Info Session on Saturday 14th Nov @ 11am, Plane Tree Way rubbish corral (near end of C block)

ABC Windows Temporary Make-Safe Update

The unsafe windows, as identified by Tymaline Building Services, have now temporarily been made safe. From most angles you can see the timber that is the safety mechanism to hold windows in place in case they come off their tracks.

ABC Windows Replacement Program Update

Many A, B & C block owners will have received a letter regarding their replacement windows as part of Stage 3. Installation will commence in late November.  Owners will receive letters regarding Stage 4a in October.  Stage 4a installation is currently slated for February.  Stage 4b will include the remaining windows to be completed as soon as possible after February.

Other ABC Maintenance

The next priority after the window replacement is concourse waterproofing.  This needs to take place in the dry months so is slated for early 2016.

D Block

D block owners are not represented on the committee at the moment so it would be great to have them represented on the committee in 2016. An information session for owners regarding maintenance at D block will be announced soon.